Top 5 Chanel Tote Bags fo 2015

A true fashion aficionado would certainly admit to feeling an invigorating tingle at the touch of a designer bag; that travels from the swinging hips of a gorgeous model walking the ramp, to a shelf at an esteemed store. 

The tingle magnifies and zaps through shoppers, the moment they come in contact with a Chanel bag.

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Chanel has championed sophistication like no other brand and never ceases to amaze fans with its exuberant, deliciously eccentric, and intricately-configured pieces that consistently set the runway ablaze.

You won’t regret foregoing a single penny the moment passerbys enviously gape at the glistening trophy hanging down your waist as you saunter along the streets. 

The dazzling collection of tote bags rolled out in the fall of 2015 by Chanel saw a lot of jaws dropping at their memorable brasserie-themed runway bonanza. Making a debut in Paris, these stunning Chanel bags are available in stores all over the globe.

Best 5 Chanel 2015 Bag Collection

While some of them might strike you as conventionally attractive, you are bound to encounter a fair share of absurd, exotic, and delightfully bizarre. Hop into the closest Chanel boutique if you wish to get your hands on the top five tote bags released in 2015.


Chanel 2.55 Tweed Flap Bags

Chanel 2.55 Tweed Flap Bags

If you have a penchant for tweed garments, can there be a more impeccable match than this rectangular treasure? Available in somber yet sophisticated shades and hues, these flap bags have been sliding off the shelves faster than hotcakes.

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For those who fancy a touch of soft red, the suitable option can be purchased at around $3700 and shoppers who have taken a liking towards the monochrome tweed flap bag can get their hands on it for $3300. 


Chanel Alligator Top Handle Bag 

2015 Chanel Alligator Top Handle Bag 

Chanel has prided in its mastery over slick alligator finishings, for the longest time. This particular handle bag is a clear winner if your middle name is classy. These exclusive totes come with a flap closure that is flawlessly embossed with the signature, Coco Chanel logo.

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The two Cs sparkle in a suave tinge of silver, intersecting to make space for a snap button in the middle. Even though this striking product comes with a black leather handle for your shoulder, you have the option to use the silver chain entwined with a strap of black leather; yet another classy touch!


Chanel Boy Mosaic Boy

Chanel Boy Mosaic Boy 

If the daughter of a French Bourgeois nobleman had a baby with the king of disco, the offspring would probably look like this precious gift! Deemed conspicuous due to its riveting canvas composed of glimmering mini-tiles, this is the kind of tote bag that could announce your presence even if you were standing miles away from a friend.

Bordered with fine leather in a unique shade of soothing blue, this marvelous invention is a real treat to the eyes. Please consult the website or closest store for price details. 


Chanel Draped Lambskin Flap Bag 

Nothing can assert your level of elegance better than a flap bag composed of unimpaired draped lambskin. Has any brand succeeded in crafting a draped lambskin as exquisite as the ones you’ve seen at a Chanel boutique?

This masterpiece steals the show and might have you stroking the soft fabric for hours because it feels fantastic against your fingers! Grab yours at $4600 before it’s too late. 


Chanel Girl Suede Bag

A lady sporting suede with poise irrefutably is a lady with an invincible sense of style. This unique design is intended to beguile onlookers as it could be easily mistaken for apparel.

chanel 2015 tote bags

Available in a dark shade of beige, this gold-studded sensation is comfortable, spacious, and everything you need a bag to be. It is priced at $4900.

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