Coach X Champion 2021 Spring Collection

Guess what? Louis Vuitton teamed-up with Urs Fischer, stores are displaying the Dior Caro bags and Gucci-Doraemon bags. And Coach is the next brand following this fashion collaboration trend.

By Coach X Champion Bags

To its customer’s delight, Coach recently announced its first collaboration with the sportswear legacy brand Champion. According to Ned Munroe, Champion’s chief global designer, his dream is to work with Coach.

This became a dream come true. Coach has finally come up with its 2021 Spring Collection launching it with our favorite TikTok influencers Wisdom Kaye, Jeffrey Tung, Maha Gondal, and Vogue model Paloma Elsesser. Credit to the photographer Alessandro Simonetti who shot the pictures featuring a modern, smarty, playful, youthful, and fashion-forward 2021 Spring Collection called Coach X Champion Collection. The collection debuted as a Tiktok series entitled “How to Coach A Champion.”

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We know how many decades passed and how long these two iconic brands set trends and built its name in the fashion industry. Coach has begun in 1941, while Champion remained an unbeatable sportswear brand since 1919 and is now a sporty handbags company. It has already proved its influence in its industry, yet Coach is also doing it! Just like how other high fashion brands achieved sold-out from perfect collaborations. It is so unlikely to happen, but Coach X Champion is real! It is our privilege as consumers to enjoy wearing outfits produced by our favorite, top-of-the-list, and most-wanted iconic brands. Fashion collaborations are a brilliant idea of how we can practically buy and wear our favorite apparel brands.

The Coach X Champion collection is like a time capsule unveiling limited editions of Coach’s classic designs combined with Champion’s sportswear legacy. The combination is very timeless! A fashion-forward in the comfort of Champion’s laidback daily outfit and mod vintage Coach finish. The collection features daily attires sewn with leather and cotton fabrics. The everyday attires featured as loungewear are hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, reversible jackets, shearling jackets, belt bags, body bags, clutch bags, and tees. Each item comes in the color red/burgundy, blue, black, and the classic multicolored tan. Some are simply jackets with side pockets but line with subtle Coach signature canvas on the inside and a hybrid logo on the outside.

Coach X Champion Collection spring 2021

You can mix and match the athletic and classy look with a full zipped hoodie designed in Coach signature canvas or minimalistic sweaters. Minimalists can choose tees with Coach X Champion print, stitched with a seamlessly Coach’s C logo colored in Champion colors or vice versa. The combination is very subtle. The perfectly infused house logos is very unobvious to see how the house logos became one logo. That is the idea! It is obvious to give us a direct message they were indeed a perfect match. The Coach X Champion Rectangle Pouch, Coach X Champion TurnLock Clutch, and the Coach X Champion Women’s Super Fleece are Coach in its heritage Coach signature style. A Champion logo and its athletic looks show how organic the collab between these two brands is. 

I liked most the Coach X Champion Football Sweater for Men’s and the women’s red Sweaterdress. It is perfect as his-and-hers couple’s outfit for the coming Valentines. 

The sweaters come with two black leather stripes on the sleeves. Guys, you can have a full attire by matching it up with the brass/black colored Dylan 15 crossbody bag that comes with a sterling lock Champion logo. The Dylan 15 is part of The Coach Originals remade based on a 1995 Coach design. Girlfriends can fancy The Coach X Champion Card Case and Coach X Champion TurnLock Clutch, which I think every girl would want. But, as of the moment, these had been sold out on their website. There are about 20 items featured in the Coach X Champion collection you wouldn’t want to miss. Selection of embellished tees is available to tee lovers. One of the tees has an “I’d rather be in Rochester – it’s got it” slogan – which is where Champion originated. Surely you’ll like it in your closet. It’s a promise these two American iconic brands can guarantee us, buyers – first, we know it’s worth buying, it’s proven quality, experienced it. A good coach produces a champion. With Coach X Champion, consumers will always be the Champion.

Just thinking about it thrills me! I’m excited to know what more the designer’s creative minds can produce from these collaborative moves. I wonder what will be the next items I’ll be seeing in every store’s New Arrivals section soon. Whatever it is, I bet it’ll be a long list.

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