Goyard Belvédère BagsApart from the well-known fact that Goyard bags are breathtakingly stunning and widely coveted, it also stands out from other the designer brands for divulging insufficient information on its website.  While the official website may have offered a sneak peek into the latest collections, this article intends to provide the vogue with all the details they seek before getting their hands on a splendid belvédère bag. Feel free to close all of the multiple tabs you might have opened in order to gather details of the mesmerizing bag you’ve been vying for.  This article helps you circumvent that rigmarole.

If you haven’t set your eyes on a belvédère bag as yet, it is indisputably one of the most exquisite and easy-to-wear bags available in boutique stores around the globe. Simply defined, it is a cross-body bag which stands out for its minimalism and the comfort Goyard has rolled out some exquisite designs that declare them frontrunners in the universe of belvédère bags. Meticulously crafted in ritzy Goyardine canvases, these rectangular treasures come in two sizes.

PM Messenger – Goyard Belvédère Bags, Price and Review



Popularly identified as Goyard Belvédère PM Messenger Bag, this size can be procured in a wide range of colors. These colors range from the classic black (a distinct tanned shade) to a host of special colors such as dark blue, wine, light grey, yellow, green, red and navy blue. Made out of leather, the canvas is unique to the brand and is guaranteed to elicit a bunch of envious glares if you were ever to casually stroll outdoors with this beauteous accessory bouncing off your hips.

These tote bags uniformly measure 8.5 inches in length, 6.75 inches in height and 2.5 inches in depth. On opening the flap with its flossy metallic closure, you will see ample room for your belongings. The interior is usually a mellow hue of mustard yellow with three compartments. There are two underside pockets on the front when you open the bag. You can choose to drop your phone into either one of these since they are identical. A highly satisfied owner of this particular model expressed her relief that her phone could fit in vertically recalling the number of times she missed important calls when her phone would be horizontally sandwiched in between a mountain of objects. You will also find a zipper pocket at the back of the bag which runs the width of this wondrous leather piece. Similar to the slit on the inside, this pocket is ideal for documents, bills and other non-bulky items.

If you have been seduced by the belvédère in special colours, one would cost you 1990 euros (approximately 2400 US Dollars and a little over 15,500 Chinese Yuan).  Shoppers who would prefer to sport the traditional color would need to shell out 1825 euros which rounds off to 2400 US Dollars and about 14200 Chinese Yuan.

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MM Messenger – Goyard Belvédère, Bags Price and Review

Rapidly gaining traction in the marvelous world of haute couture is the medium-sized belvédère. Akin to the smaller tote bags, the strap closure is quick and secure and is embellished with a metallic chip that has the words “Goyard Paris” engraved on it. It is palladium plated hardware and is highly resistant to corrosion. The striking canvas is spread across a tonal leather trim while the material is woven from a fine mixture of cotton and linen.

Depending on your height, the sleek leather strap allows you to adjust the length to your convenience or comfort with the help of a glossy buckle that also has “Goyard Paris” embossed on it. You can choose from an array of eleven different sizzling colors! Proud owners of these bags have revealed that these belvédère are the biggest they’ve laid eyes on until date. MM bags measure 11 inches in length, 9 inches in height and 3 inches in depth. That’s a lot of precious valuables and other trinkets you can tuck in safely and neatly before you venture out!

If this is the size that not only tickles your fancy but suits your needs, the price for one of these gems will cost you 1575 euros (approximately 1900 US Dollars and around 12,300 Chinese Yuan).

Goyardine Belvedere MM Messenger Bag (Red)

Goyard-Belveder-Messenger-MM Red

While this is no different from the other MM Messenger bags, it stands out because it’s red and this isn’t very easily available. 10.5 inches in base length, 9 inches in height and 3.25 inches in width, this beauty isn’t a piece of cake to get your hands. You will have to resort to second-hand sellers if push comes to shove.

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What is the difference between a Goyard Belvedere 1 and a Goyard Belvedere 2?

The first version has two closure straps which renders the system a little more time consuming while the newer version has only one. It all boils down to your sense of aesthetics and of course, your level of patience. It might take you a few more seconds to securely flap shut a GB1 but it will be worth the miniscule effort if two parallel straps appeals to you more than a solo rider.

Customizing your own Belvédère bag

The vogue crowd have placed Goyard on a pedestal for personalizing accessories and handbags with umpteen finesse. Goyard has tipped the scales by hand-painting initials, numbers or stripes of your choice to ensure that your bag is exclusively yours. Apart from the classic 3D chevron print that engraves anything on your behest, you can request for other reasonable alterations that do not compromise the revolutionary canvas.

Accessible to all genders

Goyard belvédères have quashed the notion that lush tote bags can only be sported by ladies or rather, the notion that wandering off with a bag dangling from your shoulder connotes femininity. Irrespective of your gender, Goyard belvédères exist as an appendage to accentuate a person’s elegance.

The Goyard Belvédère Experience

Once you place your order for a belvédère bag after walking into a Goyard boutique, you will be pleased to receive your purchase in a classy green crazy bag. Inside this, you will be able to feel the outline of your beloved belvédère but you have one more layer to go through. This is your dust bag with Goyard Paris and the headstore’s address on it! If you intend to take a break from stepping out with your bag, it is advisable that you cover with this mustard-colored dust bag to prevent it from getting dusty. You wouldn’t want your belvédère to lose its lustre, would you?

Furthermore, you will find a pamphlet with the details of the Goyard return policy. If you’re reading this, you will certainly know that purchasing a tote bag from Goyard but remind yourself that you’re paying for exceptional durability, a remarkable canvas, top-notch service and the metallic engravings that give you an edge like no other as you strut around town.

What other bags does Goyard offer? ­­

Let’s have a look at the other kinds of bags that Goyard is famous for.

Goyard Saint Louis Bag Price and Review

Goyard Saint Louis Bag

Very often referred to as the “Holy Grail” of Goyard, everything began with the Siant Louis bag, the most traditional of them all. It was first designed in 1982, produced from an ingenious mixture of natural coated cloth, hemp, cotton and lining. This secret concoction gives the appearance of authentic leather and is waterproof. These tote bags are available in small and large sizes. You can find them in various colors.  Scroll down for the prices:


Styles Latest Prices
PM Bag Goyard Saint Louis (Classic Colors) $1200 USD, £780 GBP
PM Bag Goyard Saint Louis (Special Colors) $1560 USD, £1050 GBP, €1085 euro
GM Bag Goyard Saint Louis (Classic Colors) $1490 USD, £905 GBP, est.€1125 euro
GM Bag Goyard Saint Louis (Special Colors) $1795 USD, £1140 GBP, €1350 euro


Goyard Saigon Bag Price and Review

Goyard Saigon- Bamboo Handle

Very similar to a belvédère, the only difference is the shape. While belvédères are rectangular, Saigons are rounder and oblong. Some of their top handles are made out of bamboo while the others are regular. Unlike the belvédère bags, they do not have adjustable straps and hence aren’t hands-free but just like the rest, they are composed of goyardine canvas. These bags can be purchased at $4770 or around 3970 euros.

Goyard Artois Bag Price and Review


They resemble saigon bags in terms of their handles but are far more spacious than all of the aforementioned tote bags and in that regard, they are slightly more expensive than a belvédère. Artois bags are perfect for travel!

PM Bag Goyard Artois (Classic Colors) $1725 USD
PM Bag Goyard Artois (Special Colors) €1465 euro, $2245 USD
MM Bag Goyard Artois (Classic Colors) €1325 euro, £1235 GBP, $2035 USD
MM Bag Goyard Artois (Special Colors)  €1725 euro, $2625 USD


Goyard Croisiere Bag Price and Review

Crosier bags

Croisiere bags are popular for their length, which is much more than its height. This clearly implies that it functions as a duffle bag that can hold a few clothes for a quick getaway. These bags are available at $2470 or 2050 euros.

Hope this article succeeded in answering some of the burning questions you might have had about Goyard bags. Here’s wishing you great moments with a lush Goyard belvédère bag around your shoulder.


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