Mateo Catherine Box Bag vs Celine Box Bag

First the Mateo Catherine Box Bag… it was a regular and mundane morning when I was scrolling through my social media and stumbled across this royal beauty.

I’m talking about the pristine and exclusive Mateo Catherine Box Bag, and too, the phrase royal beauty doesn’t do enough justice, to be honest with you. 

The Box Bag is the epitome of classy and dazzling- quite a looker that I couldn’t resist not clicking on it. And boy, was I amazed-from the sleek and drool-worthy exterior to the aesthetically elegant design. I’ve never placed an order this quickly in my life!

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Hold still my heart– I kid you not, I still can remember the pleasant shudder that went through me after I got to see this glamorous magnificent in my hands. 

Let’s say that I became an even more staunch believer of how smaller things come with the most happiness.

In my case, notch it up by infinity and add a side of designer, chic, and deluxe feels. 

Allow me to break down and rate my experience and, hopefully, help you be charmed and enchanted by the Box Bag as much as I got.

Mateo Catherine Box Bag: Drop Dead Gorgeous Looks

Mateo Catherine Box Bag

Remember how there was this girl in your school who just had it all? From brains to looks- that beguiling picturesqueness that leave you in awe? The Mateo Catherine Box Bag is the bag version of all such girls combined. I’m not even exaggerating! 

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The lovechild of versatility and modish, the Box Bag has its unique space in my purse collection. It boosts my ensembles’ sassiness and makes me feel like the spotlight is on me from the moment I step out, flaunting this majestic Bag. 

The shiny surface and the color- 

The perfect shade of homely Cognac-brown, reminding me of coffee that you enjoy during crispy wintery nights. 

Hues of Browns are my weakness, which made me fall even more for this dainty Bag. Plus, the fact that I can adorn it on any occasion- from casuals to the most formal ones, is just a cherry on top.

Mateo Catherine Box Bag Price (Worth Buying it?)

I bought the Bag at its original price of $295. And that’s because I was a bit late and missed the sale, which would have had ben save $95. But, ladies. If you’re one of those fashionistas like me, you know that given the looks and usability (that I shall discuss later-stay tuned!), $295 was something you would be happy to pay. 

The Bag is every inch flattering, snazzy, and sophisticated. And so, even as I say my bank balance decrease by $295, I didn’t mind one bit. Buying the Box Bag was one of the best and beneficial things I did amidst the pandemic and quarantine times. 

Mateo Catherine Box Bag: The Durability and Usability 

Now comes the part that I have been waiting for- so I can sing praises for how much of an essential this Bag has become for me. 

The Bag is stitched to absolute perfection. Its shiny gloss offers that voluptuous aura and something about the crocodile designing is oh-so-satisfying like it’s everything upscale, posh, and intricate. Even the edges are detailed with a finesse that shows high well-stitched it is. 

Even the snaps on the leather straps are intensely high-quality that scream just how aristocratic and glamorous the Box Bag is. 

Now, about the functionality of this Bag, 

Most of you might disagree with me, but I have always leaned more towards smaller bags. For the life of me, I cannot carry my mobile in my purse- the fear of the zip opening and making your mobile drop somewhere does that to you. So, for me, all I keep in this Bag is my must-have lip gloss, my keys, and my mini-sized wallet. 

Mateo Catherine Box Bag: Long-Lasting or Simply Contemporary? 

For the concerns about longevity, currently, box bags and small leather purses are the hot items. From celebs to the fashion elites, everyone is adoring and slaying them. 

But, even as the season shall change and you feel like going crazy because it’s too hot and you need the minimal possible weight on you, this Catherine Box Bag shall prove to be an excellent accessory to flaunt. Plus, ageless leather- that too in exquisite Brown? I’m ALWAYS in for that!

Mateo Catherine Box Bag Review (Final Rating)

*Que the drum rolls* 

I award the Mateo Catherine Box Bag a solid 4.5/5. The Bag, for me, is the perfect blend of ageless modernity. While the warm brown leather offers the Bag timeless appeal, the shape and detailing on the Bag offer it that subtle voguish and ultra-modern looks that had me going gaga over this swish and aesthetic Box Bag. 

So, as I said before, the Mateo Catherine Box Bag has become my closet constant ever since I first laid my eyes- and heart- on it. The Bag has my heart and loyalty- the kind that shall stay for a very long time. 


Celine Box Bag: Next Up

Celine Box Bag

Ok, we have seen enough of these luxury handbags already.

This is really quite simple and there is no in-between.

If your liberal, wild, crazy, and unpredictable go with the Mateo Catherine Box Bag/

If your conservative, polite, and sophisticated go with the Celine Box Bag and thank us later.

There is really no in-between here as the Mateo Catherine Box Bag vs Celine Box Bag are so different.


Celine Box Bag Price: $3950

Buy the Celine Box Bag

Buy the Mateo Catherine Box Bag

If your liberal, wild, crazy, and unpredictable go with the Mateo Catherine Box Bag/

If your conservative, polite, and sophisticated go with the Celine Box Bag and thank us later.

Is the Celine box bag worth it?

Yes in every word of the imagination the Celine box bag is 100% worth buying.

How much is the Celine box bag?

The Celine box bag will cost almost $4,000.

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